The Seal Mink coloring occurs when the kitten has one Seal Lynx gene and one
 Seal Sepia gene.  Think of the mink as the pink petunia with one red gene 
and one white gene.  Seal Minks are born with a visible pattern.  While their 
eyes are usually an aqua green, they can be gold.  Eye color should not be
used to determine coat color.  Since a Mink must have both the Lynx and Sepia 
gene, a brown cat cannot carry for the Mink gene.  If you're told that a brown
carries for Mink, you are dealing with someone who doesn't have a clear 
understanding of snow genetics.
The Seal Lynx Bengal color comes from an outcross to Siamese.
 Lynx kittens are usually born completely white and their pattern emerges
 with age.  While the Lynx can often be thought of as the snow with the 
least amount of contrast, this is not always the case.  The Seal Lynx are
the only Bengal's with blue eyes.  The color on the points of the Bengal
(like the Siamese pattern) is considered undesirable in the Bengal Standard.
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October 27 & 28 she walk away with 4 Finals,  This was Pearl 1st show she  become a Champion ! at that show . Pearl kick butt on some of the big boys she was stacked up agents . I was just blown away with how well she did. Pearl will be shown in November 2012
Jeff Roberts at the Wine Country Cat Show in Ione, California
            Robbin Higgins ( Specialty Breed )
gave Pearl 2nd place in a class out of 30 cats 

At the two day Ione Cat Show Pearl was shown under 10 judges
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Gem took 5th place at the Sacramento All Breed Cat Show out of 35 kittens and received one finial GOOD JOB GEM !  
Pearl received another finial at the Fog City Cat Show in Pleasanton, California Nov 25 & 26 2012 
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At Pearl's first cat show (Wine County Cat Show) she became a Champion first time out and Received 4 finial's
Brown Spotted
SBT 110312  010
D.O.B 11-3-2012

14 weeks old
9 weeks old
6 weeks old
AngelsIAm Dancing In The Moonlite SBT 110312 010
 (Aqua Eyes) Sno Seal Mink Spotted
The above picture is Pearl and Gabriel
She is such a beautiful girl

 Snow Seal Lynx Point ( Rosetted )                           (Blue Eyes)

Above picture were taken June 26 2013

                                                                     Award of Excellence
                                                                    (Mid Pacific Region)

Quadruple  Grand Champion