Dazzledots Iced Gold
SBT 060311 006
Brown/Black Spotted
Caries for Charcoal
Black Licorice Of Angels I Am





Brown/Black Spotted
031316 042
Ren Nolte
Linda Francone
Kanpur Ebony Imprints
SBT 083110 019  
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Green Eyes
DazzleDots Ice Glittered
SBT 053010 002  
Seal Lynx Point Spotted Tabby Blue Eyes
Caries for Charcoal
WildStyle VooDoo Doll
SBT 101811 010

Trendar Flash Of Kanpur
SBT 090109 008  
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Green Eyes
Dazzledots Onyx On Ice
SBT 062609 018  
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Green Eyes
Dazzledots Vanilla Accents
SBT 021409 003
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Green Eyes
Drinkwater Storm Cat
SBT 062609 018  
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Green Eyes
Legacie Wicked Cool Of Wildstyle
SBT SBT 051309 046
Amantra Phantom Spirit 
Of Legacie
SBT 031906 030 Brown/Spotted
Legacie Cold As Ice
SBT 101007 033
Lynx Point Spotted
Callista Wicked Bling of WildStyle
SBT 030209 043
Gogees Summa Cum Laude of Callista
SBT 120607 017 Brown/Spotted
Legacie Holly Berry of Callista
SBT 122507 029
Silver Spotted
Amantra Winter Rose Of Legacie
SBT 031906 029 Lynx/Spotted
Crestwood Clouded Fusion Of Legacie
SBT 102106 025 Silver/Spotted
Gogees Seize The Daze
SBT 040306 053 Brown/Spotted
Gogees Casanova
SBT 052304 008 Brown/Spotted
Amantra Gypsy Rose
SBT 051705 035 Brown/Spotted
​RW QGC Legacie High Voltage
SBT 062305 025 Brown/Spotted
Legacie Golden Dream
SBT 020806 039 Brown/Spotted
Amantra Reigning Comets
SBT 032504 023 Brown/Spotted
Trendar Dreamweaver
SBT 081108 009  
BishopsBengals Amulet Of Trendar
SBT 081108 009  
HuntersRidge Dice On Ice
 SBT 021908 003 
DazzleDots Jungle Breeze
 SBT 080108 053
RW SGC DrinkWater London
SBT 022707 022
Legacie Catanga Of Drinkwater
SBT 110905 008 
HuntersRidge Dice On Ice
SBT 021908 003 
AzanaBengals Gold Crystal
SBT 020508 009
Black Licorice Of Angels I Am
SBT 031316 042
PK Def. N /N
Brown/Black Spotted (Charcoal ) with cape
Carries  for Snow Lynx and Dilute
I have been searching for a Charcoal female for quite some time,
and I found a beautiful girl from WildStyle Bengals, Rich and Marianne was so helpful in the process of finding me my girl.  
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Picture Pedigree
Video taken 2-8-2017 ( Silver Charcole Spotted male by Licorice and Too Cool
the kitten is 12 weeks old
Jan 22 2017 video taken, in this video is Licorice you can see her large rosettes and beautiful coat.
UC Davis Color results, click to enlarge 
Rich named her GOOGOO DOLL and I renamed her Black Licorice