SimplyBlessed Angel Pearl
CH Simplysimes
SBT 081205 018
Brown (Black) Spotted
Simplysimes Sno
SBT 062110 010
Seal Mink Spotted
SBT 022412 048
Sex Female
Breed Bengal
Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents
G G G Grandparents
Variety Seal Mink Spotted
Breeder Lori Bearry/Beth Bearry
Owner Linda Francone
Koppiekatz Silversir of
SBT 041703 035
Black Silver Spotted
Foothillfelines Madison
SBT 091800 012
Tawny Spotted
Calcatta Paloma of
SBT 032906 025
brown (Black) Spotted
RW SGC Calcatta's Custom
SBT 031705 067
Brown (Black) Spotted
Calcatta Pixel
SBT 063002 004
Brown (Black) Spotted
Starbengal Metalica of Spothaven
SBT 032602 042
Koppiekatz Princess Leah
SBT  102599 003
Foothillfelines Metallica
SBT  081297 001
Junglebook Megan of Foothillfelines
SBT  031499 012
Silvergene's Splendor of Starbengal
CON 021101 015
SBT  1111 00 014
CH Millwood Gigabyte
SBT 101703 003
Calcatta Aftermath
SBT010304 005
Silvergene's Splendor of Starbengal
Jumanji Saida of Spothaven
Luminous Expectation
Junglebook Tikki Kikki
SGC Heritage Kimo of Almaden
Gegees Marshamelo of Foothillfelines
TGC Nola Voodoo Magic of Junglebook
RW SGC Junglebook Virtual Reality
RW QGC DiCaprio of Starbengal
Eeyaa Sterling Silver
CH Milwood Italian Filigree
Koppiekatz Cleopatra of Calcatta
Millwood Jazz Beat
Millwood Laptop
Jumanji Kilifi
Grandeurbengals Darque Tempest
Simplysimes Nevaeh
SBT 063010 025
Seal Lynx Point Spotted
DGC PocketLeopards
Lucian Chat of Ounce
SBT 092608 045
Seal Lynx Point Spotted
RW SGC Simplysimes
Jungle Doll
SBT 101206 003
Seal Lynx Point Spotted
TGC Junglebook Native Son of Packetleopards
SBT 101603 010
Silver Seal Mink Spotted
Pocketieopards Wildstyle
SBT 021007 060
Brown (Black) Spotted
QGC Thespotedpelt Jungle
Fever  SBT 042505 034
Seal Mink Spotted
RW SGC Simplysimes China Doll
SBT 030705 009
Seal Mink Spotted
Junglebook Made in The USA
SBT 091101 021
Granitebengal Ice Dancer
SBT 091501 033
Naamah Graffiti Art of Pocketieopards
SBT 090305 033
Pocketielopards Metalic Miss
SBT 022105 022
Silvergene Tahoe of Thespottedpelt
SBT 023503 029
Cevia Dip N Dots of Thespotedpelt
SBT  081603 002
Koppiekatz Silversir of Simplysimes
SBT 041703 035
Simplysimes Ms Molly
SBT  081102 002
Kingsmark Chances Are
Wildriver Nowme of Junglebook
Silvergene's Captain Picard
Abundadots Penny of Granitebengals
Spothaven Atu of Naamah
Bundas Nazji  of Naamah
Granitebengal Luxor of Pocketieleopards
Savannahpalace Ami
Silvergene's Son Ascendant
CH Silvergene Chianna
Wildvision Gucci of Thespottedpelt
Koppiekatz Leopardita
Starbengal Metalica of Spothaven
Koppiekatz Princess Leah
Roughnready Snow Bo of Simplysimes
Tekki of Simplysimes
                                               Award of Excellence 
                                                 Mid Pacific Region
At Pearl's first  show (Wine County Cat Show) she became 
a Champion first time out and went on to  
Received 4 finial's at that show.

Snow Seal Lynx Point Rosetted  (Blue Eyes)
Quadruple Grand Champion
The Seal Lynx Bengal color comes from an outcross to Siamese.
Lynx kittens are usually born completely white and their pattern emerges
with age. While the Lynx can often be thought of as the snow with the 
least amount of contrast, this is not always the case. The Seal Lynx are
the only Bengal's with blue eyes. The color on the points of the Bengal
(like the Siamese pattern) is considered undesirable in the Bengal Standard.
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