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 Allaglow Bengals
A BIG THANK YOU to George Hatcher for breeding such a AWESOME cat Allaglow Ling Fu he is the sire to ANGELSIAM VER SACHI LEOPARD and to ANGELS I AM FU YOU TO 
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Cat Exercise Wheel - get your cat rolling. Helps prevent
kitty depression by offering a safe and fun place to expend pent up energy.
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This product is awesome, I use these all the time to restrain the Bengal's, I use this bag for nail clipping and to transport the cats to the vet, click onto picture to go to the web site.
The bags are price at $25.00 Shipping is $6.95 and tax Total $32. 75   I ordered the pink one because the fabric is more durable. 
Cat in the bag Co. developed and markets the Cozy Comfort Carrier, a bag-style carrier designed especially for cats. The cat can't get loose outside or while medicine is being administered. But the restraint is gentle and comfortable because the bag is soft and roomy, allowing the cat to move inside of it. The cat stays calmer. The bag is easier to put on the cat than it is to put him in a crate or wrap a towel around him to give medicine.
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The above video shows how to put the bag on your cat.
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 Pictured is my two Bengal Boys the one on the left is he is 4 months old and 
the other one is 13 weeks old
​Amazon is were I purchase this harness
Unique bungee leash design provides "give" when your cat approaches the end of the leash. Adjustable harness creates a custom fit for your cat and dual adjustment points give a snug, safe fit. Harness design applies gentle pressure to shoulders, not throat, to safely restrain your cat. Made with 3/8 inch width nylon
Above picture is of Notorious