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Waiting List With Deposit

Being a small cattery, I do not have Bengal kittens for sale year round. I have found that having a Waiting List
with a deposit helps me distinguish the serious of the buyers.  Therefore, the most serious pet buyers will
want to place a $300  deposit to hold a place in line.  Before you do this,
I recommend that you scour the internet comparing my cats to others out there to make sure that one of my kittens
is the right one for you.  Each kitten season - Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter .  Please join the Waiting List
if you are interested in placing a deposit.  At that time I will let you know if I can accept your deposit and what
place in line you would be. 
You can use your debit card, I prefer using Paypal , but you need to cover the fee of $3.00 for every $100. 00
 you would have to set the amount at $309.00

The Waiting List without Deposit

Because a Non-paid Waiting List can get quite lengthy quite quickly, the best way to follow the kittens

I have a Bengal page on Facebook
 Bengal Cats and you should be allowed to see everything on there without having a Facebook account. 

If you like the structure on my cats, but are looking for a snow, let me know, and I will contact you when a snow arrives. 
You can also let me know that you are looking for a snow.

How are Bengal kittens priced? 

To the left is an example of a lower priced kitten.  He was priced   at $850. 00
The attributes that keep the price at the lower end are his cool color,  smaller shaded rosettes.  Despite these 
less desirable coat qualities, he still has an amazingly long, powerful body, large nocturnal eyes, and a wild,
typey head.

To the right is an example of a $1600 kitten.  He also has a long, powerful body,
large nocturnal eyes, with a wild, typey head. 
In addition to these solid structure qualities,
he has a warm base coat, large outlined rosettes and no vertical alignment in his spotting.

Final Considerations
Ultimately my goal is to produce kittens that improve upon the Bengal breed.
Therefore, I will hold back kittens that I may consider keeping for my breeding program or to send
into another Bengal breeding program.
 If a kitten is labeled on hold for evaluation,
I am considering keeping  as a breeding cat for  my program. 

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