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Updated 5-13 2022
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Some of the Bengal's eating there raw diet of Chicken  





D.O.B. 3-13-2022

​Text me  209-202-2738
and I will send videos on any of the kittens

Lynx male birb 3-20-22
 (RainForrest breeding)
All snow litter born 3-20-2022
Sired by Regional Winner Supreme Grand
Champion ( Game Changer )  

Lynx emal spotted  born 3-13-22
Born 3-11-2022 Twi Brown spotted female
Heart Desire is the mother to the above  female kittens 
2 avaukabke
D.O.B. 3-13-2022
Mink Spotted female
  Born 3-9-2022 Silver charcoal spotted male
White Diamond  is the mother to the litter born on 3-9-2022
Oh So Cool is the sire, to the litter born on 3-9-2022
D.O.B. 3-13-2022
Brown Spotted male.
  Born 3-9-2022 two Charcoal/Lynx spotted one female and one male.
Born 3-11-2022 Brown spotted female

 Mink male birb 3-20-22

  Charcoal mink female born 4-13-22
Sparable  is the mother to the litter
born 4-13-22
3 females available
2 Charcoal mink
1 Charcoal Lynx
 Charcoal mink female born 4-13-22
This is such a beautiful kitten, she takes your breath away.
 Charcoal Lynx female born 4-13-22
Brown female born 3-5-22
Fusion in the mother to the Brown female born 3-5-22
Baby Girl is the mother to the litter born 3-20-22
She has 5 kittens
2 Minks
3 Lynx
Sired by Regional Winner Supreme Grand
Champion ( Game Changer )  

Born 5-9-22
3 kittens
2 Silver Charcoal spotted
Charcoal Blue sepia spotted
Mother is Black Licorice
Black Licorice 
​Her color is a Charcoal spotted