Simple Blessed Angel I Am Gabriel
Brown Spotted
Beth/Lori Bearry
Linda Francone
DGCJunglekatz Chuncky Moto
SBT 092808 020
Brown (Black) Spotted
RW TGC Junglekatz Zion of                       Simplysimes
SBT 121509 014
Brown (Black) Spotted
Rockymeountains Shockwave
SBT 081905 064
Brown (Black) Spotted
CH Beechwood Artemisia of
SBT  070207 
Brown (Black) Spotted
GRC Snopride Imanidol Too of Junglekatz
SBT 030206 032 Brown Spotted
Junglekatz Darth Vader
SBT 080707 070
Brown (Black) Spotted
Stonehenge Boudica of
SBT 050406 035
Brown (Black) Spotted
CH Junglekatz Mirage
SBT  021006 023
Brown (Black) Spotted
Rainforest Vada of Junglekatz
SBT 072203 061 Brown Spotted
GCH Starbengal Damon of Junglekatz 
SBT 051602 008 Brown Spotted
Junglekatz Delilah
SBT  062304 062 Brown Spotted
Cheetahaden Sxnu of Rockymeountain
SBT 102504 016   Brown Spotted
Rockymeountains Rikku 
SBT 081304 064 Brown Spotted
Stonehenge Phoebe
SBT  062005 034 Brown Spotted
CH Stonehenge Rolling Stone
SBT 102302 028  Brown Spotted
RW SGC Snopride Mattinee Idol SBT020405 015
RW CH Snopride Dream Worthy SBT030504 009
Rainforest Monkey Puzzle SBT051800 019
Joykatz Cerinthe of Rainforest B2S 051800 019
Silvergene's Splendor of Starbengal CON021101 015
Starbengal Queen Rania SBT 010100 013
CH Katznjamr Impresario of Junglekatz SBT04110104
Amantra Queennodenial of Junglekatz SBT062803019
DGC Goldspurr's Rambo SBT 052400 019
Cheetahsden's SXN SBT 061402 023
Cheetahsden's Gryphon SBT 101702 012
Rockymeountain Raindancer SBT 021303 027
Stonehenge Journey SBT 072901 017
Jumanji Exzotica of Stonehenge SBT053000 010
Wildlove Radar of Stonehenge SBT 030804 039
Silvergene Jolie of Stonehenge SBT111101 043
CH Simplysimes Moon Dancer SBT  062210 018
Brown (Black) Spotted
Solanaranch Lady Liberty
C3S 062309 043
Brown (Black) Spotted
CH Allaglow Moon Fire of                      Simplysimes
SBT  050106 073
Brown (Black) Spotted
Allaglow Moon Walker
SBT 050105 073
Brown (Black) Spotted
Allaglow Flaming Embers
SBT  041005 058
Brown (Black) Spotted
Awagati Independence
B2S 091203 015
Brown (Black) Spotted
CH  Simplysimes Frostbite
SBT  021408 057
Seal Mink Spotted
Junglebook Made in The USA
SBT  091101 021 Seal Sepia Spotted
Bundas Shakti of Awagati
A1T 013098 020  Brown Spotted
Thespottedpelt Gayla of Simplysimes
SBT  051206 051 Brown Spotted
CH Simplysimes Katshaleen
SBT  081205 018 Brown Spotted
Kingsmark Ca Gold of Allaglow
SBT  081804 038 Brown Spotted
Sutera Space Orbiter of Allaglow
SBT  121003 021Brown Spotted
Stonehenge Dusktodawn of Allaglow
SBT  052504 042 Brown Spotted
Kingsmark Oman of Allaglow
SBT  041804 030 Brown Spotted
Taro of Bundas ALC
Bundas Virago SBT 052492037
Kingsmark Chances Are SBT 102799 013
Wildriver Nowme of Junglebook SBT 102097 017
Amantra Marker's Imaginario SBT 063002 010
Kingsmark Carbon Cop SBT 012799 012 
Stonehenge Dark Vador  SBT 062903 031 
Millwood Crystaline of Stonehenge SBT031099 002
Millwood Crystaline of Stonehenge SBT031099 002 
Sutera Labu SBT 100499 006 
Bridlewood's Hearts Desire of Suter C35 051602 019
Junglebook Made in The USA SBT091101 021  
​Cevia Dip N Dots Of TheSpottedpelt
Koppiekatz Silversir of Simplysimes SBT041703 035 
Foothillfelines Madison SBT 091800 012
Silvergene Tahoe of Thespottedpelt SBT032503 029 
Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents
G G G Grandparents
071512 033
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Regional Winner Triple Grand Champion
 JungleKatz Zion Of Simplysimes is Gabriel sire 
Dam to Gabriel
Above slideshow pictures was taken on June 26 2013
Pictures taken April 2014
8 weeks old
  Millwood Tory Of Dehli
 He was a domestic cat found running loose under the rhinoseros at the New Delhi zoo
 in 1984. He was better spotted (NO ribstripes!) and more glittery-rufous than had ever seen in America. He was used 
mostly with F1 queens at first (after several frustrating years of vainly trying to breed them to F1 males), but also 
gave his robust blood to the inbred traditional Egyptian Mau breed to make what was subsequently called 'Indian Maus'. In 
E. Mau pedigrees, he is TOBY and is registered by CFA and TICA as a Mau.
is the term Bengal breeders use to describe a cat that has translucent hair shafts. This translucence results in the cat 
appearing to be sprinkled with gold glitter in the gold Bengal
The translucent satin look on the paws or most apparent or if the cat is in direct sunlight, the coat sparkles. It is 
hard to capture in photos. Glitter is inherited as a recessive gene and was introduced into the breed from one of the 
founding Bengal Millwood Tory Of Dehli
EARLIEST F1s at Millwood
Delhi on left with queens Millwood Praline, Millwood Pennybank, and Millwood Rorschach. All Millwood pedigrees go back to 
these cats.
 DGC JungleKatz  Chuncky Moto is Gabriel GrandSire
SimplyBlessed Gabriel Of Angels I Am SBT 071512 033
Brown / Spotted green eyes
PK Def N/N
N/N PRA-b no copies of the PRA-b mutation
Gabriel is the sire to I AM NO ANGEL  and also the sire to AMOTOZENSATION