SimplyBlessed Emanuel 
         Of Angels I Am
SBT 042112 051
Sex Male
Breed Bengal
Breeder Lori Bearry/ Beath Bearry
Owner Lori & Beath & Linda Francone
Variety Seal Mink Spotted
Grandparents Parents
Great Grandparents 
Great Great Grandparents 
G G G Grandparents 
Simplysimes Sno               Explorer
SBT 062110 010
Seal Mink Spotted
CH Simplysimes
SBT 081205 012
Brown ( Black ) Spotted
Calcatta Paloma Of Simplysimes
SBT 032906 025
Brown (Black ) Spotted
Koppiekatz Silversir of
SBT 041703 035
Black Silver Spotted
Foothillfelines Madison
SBT 091800 012
Tawny Spotted
RW SGC Calcatta's Custom
SBT 031705 067
Brown ( Black ) Spotted
Calcatta Pixel
SBT 063002 004
Brown ( Black ) Spotted
Starbengal Metalica of Spothaven
SBT 032602 042
Koppiekatz Princess Leah
SBT 102599 003
Foothillfelines Metallica
SBT 081297 001
Junglebook Megan of Foothillfelines
SBT 031499 012
Silvergene's Splendor of Starbengal
CON 021101 015
SBT 111100 014
CH Millwood Gigabyte
SBT 101703 003
Calcatta Aftermath
SBT 010304 005
Silvergene's Splendor of Starbengal
Jumanji Saida of Spothaven
Luminous Expectation
Junglebook Tikki Kikki
SGC Heritage Kimo of Almaden
Gegees marshamelo of Foothillfelines
TGC Nola Voodoo Magic of Junglebook
RW SGC Junglebook Virtual Reality
CH MilwoodIalian Filigree
Koppiekatz Cleopatra of Calcatta
Millwood Jazz Beat
Millwood Laptop
RW QGC DiCaprio of Starbengal
Eeyaa Sterling Silver
Jumanji Kilifi
Grandeurbengals Darque Tempest
Simplysimes China Doll
SBT 030705 009
Seal Mink Spotted

Simplysimes Jungle
SBT 101206 003
Seal Mink Spotted
QGC Thespottedpelt Jungle 
                  Fever                   SBT 042505 034
Seal Mink Spotted
Silvergene Tahoe of   Thespottedpelt
SBT 032503 029
Brown (Black) Spotted
Cevia Dip N Dots of Thespottedpelt            
SBT 081603 002
Brown (Black) Spotted
Koppiekatz Silversir of Simplysimes
SBT 041703 035
Black Silver Spotted
Simplysimes Ms Molly
SBT 081102 002
Seal Lynx Point Spotted
CH  Silvergene Chianns                                           SBT 071001 008 Brown Black Spotted
Wildvision Gucci of Thespottedpelt
SBT 03060 040 Brown Black Spotted
Koppiekatz Leopardita
SBT 092501 042 Brown Black Marble
Starbengal Metalica of Spothaven
SBT 032602 012 Black Silver Spotted
Koppiekatz Princess Leah
SBT 102599 003 Brown Black Spotted
Silvergene's Son Ascendant
CON 021101 014 Brown Black Spotted
Roughnready Snow Bo of Simplysimes
SBT070101 036 Seal Lynx Point Spotted
Tekki of Simplysimes
SBT 051401 030 Brown Black Marble
SimplyBlessed Emanuel Of Angels I Am
Seal Lynx Point Spotted
D.O.B. April 21 2012

The above pictures were taken at his first show
  This boy has a very sweet personality 

Emanuel at 7 weeks old​
Emanuel's Sire and Dam are both
Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

Sire: RW SGC Simply Simes Sno Explorer

Dam: RW SGC Simplysimes Jungle Doll
​On Safari winner
Dam: RW SGC Simplysimes Jungle Doll

Emanule face look's just like Jungle Doll face

HCM Normal 10-17-2015
PK Def.  N/K
Emanuel Dam Simplysimes Jungle Doll was an On Safari winner. 

Both Sire and Dam are Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champions  
Sire: Simply Blessed Sno Explorer Click  HERE
to go to Sno Explorer page
Dam: Simply Simes Jungle Doll
Emanuel Dam Simplysimes Jungle Doll was an On Safari winner. 
​He is available for purchase, please call for pricing 
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