Cats Sleep Play and Sleep some more !
The Below Video is of Sparta, a Cat who belongs to Cory Williams  Known as Mr Safety
Cory took Sparta in and was told he is an Egyptian Mau but as you can see he is a Bangel
Boy he sure is acting like typical Bengal
ENJOY all the video's.
                   Do Big Cats Like Catnip?
Big Cat rescue has the answer to the question.
They have put this wonderful video up for all to
see, big cats on catnip! Fun!

Earth's Most Endangered Small Wild Cats 
This is a brief compilation video, including some of earth's most endangered small wild cats: the clouded leopard, 
the sand cat, the fishing cat, Pallas's cat, the Iriomote cat, and the Iberian lynx.
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Video on Ideal Companion Bengal