Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents
G G G Grandparents
Allaglow Ling Fu of
SBT 032206 046
Brown (Black) Spotted
CH Simplysimes Moonlite
SBT 053009 055
Brown (Black) Spotted
Stonehenge Galactia of              Allaglow
SBT 020604 031
Brown (Black) Spotted
Neozen Mei Ling of                  Allaglow
SBT 062704 020
Brown (Black) Spotted
CH Allaglow Moon Fire
of Simplysimes
SBT 050106 073
Brown (Black) Spotted
Simplysimes Blue Jeans
SBT  051307 027
Silver Blue Spotted
Silvergene Heavy Metal
CON 051402 028
CH Brockmmoor Shinystar            of Stonehenge
SBT 121600 015
Brown (Black) Spotted
Abundadots Enzp of Neozen
SBT  122502 019
Brown (Black) Spotted
Majesticbengals Bastete of                      Neozen
SBT 032003 064
Brown (Black) Spotted
Allaglow Moon Walker
SBT 050105 073
Brown (Black) Spotted
Allaglow Flaming Embers
SBT 041005 058
Brown (Black) Spotted
RW SGC Bridlewood X Factor
           of Kalanikats
SBT 082905 002
Black Silver Spotted
Simplysimes Katbellou
SBT 081205 010
Black Silver Spotted
RW SGC Millwood Ishiron of Dreamland
SBT 031399 002
Eeyaa Sterling Silver
BON 071099 011 
RW SGC Millwood Baghira of Brockenmoor 
SBT 020299 010
Millwood Circiet of Brockenmoor
SBT 090694 015
Katznjamr's Chilukki of Abundadots
SBT 073199 017
Kingsmark Suttara of Abundadots
SBT  020700 037
Magandaka Amon Ra
SBT  021002  041
Majesticbengals Ancksunamun
CON 032302 048
Kingsmark Oman of Allaglow
SBT    041804 030
Stonehenge Dusktodawn of Allaglow
SBT    052504 042
Sutera Space Orbiter of Allaglow
SBT   121003 021
Kingsmark Ca Gold of Allaglow
SBT    081804 038
Kalanikats Excalibur
SBT    052704 009
CH Bridlewood Jungle Love
SBT   071804 007
Koppiekatz Silversir of Simplysimes
SBT   041703 035
Foothillfelines Madison
SBT    091800 012
Oceanwoods Rococo of Millwood
GCH Millwood French Lace
Millwood High Noon
Eeyaa's Silver Salt
Oceanwoods Rococo of Millwood
Wildechoes Wild Thing
Beltown flashback of Lepardot
DGC Millwood Inner Circle
Millwood Bakari of Katznjamr
Katznjamr's Little Oasis
Garth of Starbengal
Kingsmark Renaissance
D.O.B. 11/3/2012
Amantra Marker's Imaginario
Kingsmark Carbon Copy
Stonehenge ark Vador
Millwood Crystaline of Stonehenge
Sutera Labu
Bridlewood's Hearts Desire of Sutera
Junglebook Made in The USA
Kingsmark Dream Spirit
Silvergene's Splendor of Starbengal
Kalanikats Mandalay Bay
OS Wi RW SGC Bridlewood A License To Thrill 
Summermist I Got Sunshine of Bridlewood
Starbengal Metalica of Spothaven
Koppiekatz Princess Leah
Foothillfelines Metallica
Junglebook Megan of Foothillfelines
Angels I Am Ver Sachi Leopard and Angels I Am Fu You To  
 are full brothers out of the same litter click  HERE to view Fu You To

Sire: Allaglow Ling Fu         

Dam: CH SimplySims Moonlite        

      SBT 110312 019
VER SACHI  at 6 weeks       

VER SACHI  at 8 weeks       

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SBT# 110312 019 Brown Spotted
Ver Sachi is a full brother to  ANGELSIAM FU YOU TO
This boy has an inculpable straight nose profile that I just love 
He is also such a sweet boy
Below are picture of his sire and dam
Pedigree at the bottom of this page.
 TGC Angels I Am Fu You To is full brother to Ver Sachi