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Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion
     Simplyblessed Sno Bound
Quadruple Grand Champion
   Angelsiam Fu You To

Simplyblessed Angel Gem
Gem is full sister to Simplyblessed Sno Bound

       RW SGC Simplysimes Sno Explorer
                      Seal Mink Spotted
  Sire: to Simplyblessed Sno Bound
      & Simplyblessed Angel Gem
Simplyblessed Emanuel of Angels I Am
Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion
     Simplyblessed Sno Bound
Also know as

Raising and Showing,Brown's,Show's,Charcoal's                                Spotted's

       Quadruple Grand Champion
 Simplyblessed Angel Pearl

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 We are a small in home cattery focusing on kittens with fabulous temperaments & type
                                               Bengal personality
Bengal's, have a lot of personality! they are intelligent and very interactive cats.
They are typically neither an ‘aloof’ cat who ignores you haughtily, nor a dull quiet cat.
Their character would not make them ideal pets for someone who wants a quiet,
 low key companion, but makes them amazing pets for people who want a more ‘dog-like’
 member of the family.
They are very much a dynamic and active part of the family. They genuinely crave affection.
Bengal purrs are laced with all manner of trills and chirrups.They have much wider vocabulary 
chatters, and even a lovely frustrated short "nya!" they do have a varied range of outspoken 
calls which they use when they feel the need.
A Bengal is not a wild animal.  
The basic aim of the Bengal cat is to mimic the appearance of the Asian Leopard Cat
It is most definitely a domestic animal which has been selectively bred over 
several generations for character as well as appearance, The term Look of the wild                 Temperament of a loving house cat, is so right on.
The Bengal's of today should be no more aggressive (or defensive) than any other cat. 
There are reports of some difficulties with temperament very early in the 
Bengal’s development but for many years breeders have been working very hard on Bengal character.
We are a registered cattery with TICA

Serving Northern & Southern California 

Located in beautiful Angels Camp
                     California 95222
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